FiberArt Creates Usable Art Made In America

Art is to be enjoyed and be both beautiful and functional. At FiberArt they will weave your art into blankets or fabric.

FiberArt Woven BlanketFiberArt is a  boutique textile mill in North Carolina. Born from Pure Country Weavers – truly an American original. What started as a small, family business that made woven blankets for George Washington at Valley Forge had grown into a company that offers a portfolio of vast designs and styles. 

While the company has grown, they’ve never let go of being a family. The mill in North Carolina is still very much a family operation – and they truly love nothing more than weaving beautiful, long-lasting products.

To say they are proud of their heritage may be a bit of an understatement. Pure Country Weavers and FiberArt started in the USA, and still do everything in the USA. The craftspeople take great pride in knowing that what they make is going to bring a lifetime of warmth, comfort, and joy to their artists and partners, as well as their fans and customers.

FiberArtFiberArt caters to small batch textile artisans, in fact, they consider themselves to be the craft brewers of the textile industry. Their artist friends come to them from around the world because FiberArt weaves high-quality blankets and fabric and they do so in small batches. Offering small batches makes FiberArt unique in the industry and opens up doors to high-end products. Products that are coming out of Paris and Milan, some of the fashion capitals of the world.

FiberArt boasts a state-of-the-art mill that is capable of some of the finest workmanship in the world, but since they are family-owned and can make the decision, they choose to work with artisans over big-box retailers. Whatever you can design, draw, or photograph, FiberArt can weave into a beautiful woven textile. Creating an incredibly usable product that is completely sourced and Made In America.


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