Excitement is in the air at WorldWide Drilling Resource, Inc.

The Second Annual WorldWide DownHome DrillFest™ is about to happen and this notice is to let you know, if you want to join the WWDR Team in Branson, Missouri this year – YOU NEED TO REGISTER NOW!

This generous, thankful Team is excited about the event; so much they are allowing Attendees to enter FREE.  This does, however, exclude manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers in the FREE Entry.

The only cost to the contractors, wives, workers, is hotel accommodations, continuing education classes (a whopping 11 outstanding NEW classes available – of course, there are only 8 hours in the schedule – so you need to choose), the Ladies’ Day trip, and the Tuesday Evening’s Festivities, and other meals attendees wish to purchase from the hotel.  There is also a spa available Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Reservations are suggested so the facility may plan for sufficient staffing to fully accommodate attendees’ requests.  [email protected] to book your spa experience.


Go to – www.worldwidedrillingresource.com –

Click on the link and you are on your way to a terrific trade event!

Here is a complete agenda of happenings . . .

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