Showcasing American Made!

Kentucky International Convention Center Oct. 1-3, 2021

Did You Know?


Almost 8 in 10 American consumers say they would rather buy a American made product than an imported one, according to a Consumer Reports survey.

More than 60 percent of them say they’re even willing to pay 10 percent more for it. Be American Buy American.

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Attend Made In America 2021

Why Attend?

Made in America is where American Manufacturers come together and see what is new, innovative and network with other American Made brands. You will see media opportunities like no other show, and learn from others about why being Made in America is such a passion. How does what you purchase affect American jobs? When a manufacturer is forced to locate outside of the USA, how many people does this impact and how can we be a part of this movement and change? 

What will you see as an attendee? 

Manufacturers from small to multi-billion dollar companies are coming together for one cause. Let’s introduce you to a show that is about supporting all American Made products and facilitate real change and relationships that will last for generations to come.

What Attendees Said!

“Made in America that’s the only way we will continue to grow”

“Being able to meet the inventors and people who have done the work with American hands American craftsmanship American Materials…. it’s just so much better!”

“Ultimately you got to take care of your community.” 

“There’s great manufacturing in the United States”

“This is a kind of a come back for us in American Manufacturing.”

“An awareness for us as a manufacturer, to see the other people that are promoting their American-made values in their products and how they go to market.” Policy Statement

Any products displayed by a manufacturer, supplier, or distributor in conjunction with Made in America. Com, Inc. warrants compliance with the policy statement, available for review at

We support the following on this website and at our trade shows. Products labeled “Made in USA”, “Made In USA w/Domestic & Global Parts*” and “Manufactured In USA*” *with exceptions., Inc. assumes no responsibility for verification of compliance with Federal Trade Commission standards and assumes no responsibility in the case of noncompliance allegations. We may report violators to the FTC.