Elizabeth Reagan Where A Little Black Dress Meets Yoga Pants and It’s All Made in America

About Elizabeth Reagan

The little black dress and yoga pants have literally changed the way women dress.Elizabeth Reagan American Made
So, Elizabeth Reagan thought it was about time the two met. Wanting the best of both worlds, LBD simplicity, and style with yoga pants’ technical performance and comfort. You know, things like moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial, and UV protection with the flattering fit everyone loves. Elizabeth Reagan helps you to make looking “pretty” easy. Oh, and did we mention that the designs have options that don’t show underarm sweat stains? Because they do!

How the Idea came about…

Most small businesses come about in the same way. An idea hits, you carry it around for a while until something just triggers you to do it. This is exactly how Elizabeth’s business was born.

In Elizabeth’s college days she had the opportunity to be a football recruiting hostess. Part of those duties was sitting outside with the football recruits during the games, sweating. All of her efforts put into getting “pretty” were for nothing. Sweat-stained clothes, hair a complete frizzy mess, you have been there and you know exactly how she felt. 

The question was asked, why isn’t there clothing that can mask sweat stains and odor all while looking cute? She even went on a quest to find such things. No luck. 

Life continued and Elizabeth thought for sure someone would design this product, making her so happy and so many other women as well. That didn’t happen. 

Elizabeth’s life took some turns and all of a sudden she found herself in a place where she had to reconsider what she was going to do with her career. Having the opportunity to attend a fashion show in New York with a friend of hers, looking around, she realized exactly what she wanted to do. So, she created the clothing company, Elizabeth Reagan.


Why Made in America

According to Elizabeth, this decision was simple and one she knew would be a principle of her company from day one. 

In no way does she want her company to assist in increasing America’s dependence on China. In no way does she want her company even indirectly supporting human trafficking, slave labor, and heaven forbid child labor. 

Then there is the subject of the environment. When you manufacture in America barges don’t have to drive across the ocean. This means gas is saved, emissions are decreased and the carbon footprint is lessened. 

Even as noble as all of the above is, the real reason came when the pandemic hit. She took a look around and asked herself, what are the three basic necessities of life? Food, clothing, and shelter. If we cannot provide those things for ourselves, then we are not a free people. Knowing that only 2% of clothing in America is Made in America, the decision was clear, Elizabeth Reagan will be American Made. Not only with the purpose of producing practical clothing that you feel good in, but also to educate the reason why it is so important to be Made In America.



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