DuraArt USA: Durable Art Handcrafted and Sourced in the USA!

After years spent selling high-end furniture, Kathy Slaga decided to venture off on her own to marry her love of fabrics and textures with that of creative building. The result was DuraArt USA, all-weather indoor and outdoor art.

DuraArt is constructed with 304 stainless steel and Sunbrella, the most widely used fabric in marine and outdoor environments.

DuraArt USA handcrafted artThe designs are offered in a Superb selection of rich colors and textures, sizes and shapes. Whether your style, is contemporary, traditional, or eclectic, there’s a design for everyone!

The website features unique art designs in the form of bouquets, wreaths, individual stems, centerpieces, wall art, candle holders, flags, and gravestone remembrances.

Best of all, Kathy’s designs are handcrafted and entirely sourced in the USA. Kathy takes huge pride in this fact and actively supports the Made in America movement.

“National policies can change on a dime and the best course of action now is to actively participate at the local level to effect change,” says Kathy. “The only power I have is my own, so I choose with conviction to buy American-made products. I check every label and I reach out locally to hire–fence sitting is not an option.”

usa themed artKathy recently created an American inspired design in honor of her patriotic consumers. This red, white, and blue design can be put on a dining room table, door, wall, or anywhere you’d like to spread patriotic spirit!
While this is a beautiful American design, all of the designs can be custom designed to include whichever colors you desire. Kathy is happy to wave the special order fee for fellow patriots.

“I believe in our foundation. I believe in the American spirit. And, if we band together and support our Made in America businesses, we WILL have the strength in numbers to influence our local governments and improve our communities.”

In blazing sun, rain, heat, cold, and humidity…

All-Weather Indoor And Outdoor Art.

DuraArt USA
Choose JOY every day!

Please visit their website for additional designs.
Order now for shipments beginning 2/23/21.

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