Don Buckner’s Shares His Story on American Snippets Podcast: Our Struggles Make Us Stronger

Don Buckner was just 19 years old when he became a father.

While his friends went off to college, Don became the head of a household and began receiving another kind of education in life.

He got married and went to work for his wife’s family, settling in to provide for his growing family and assuming this would be his life.

Ten years later life tossed him another curveball as his marriage dissolved and along with it, his employment. Left to sift through the debris of what was, Don was also faced with the challenge of finding a new career.

He had $19.00 left to his name and no idea what to do. Left only with his will, determination, and faith, Don put all his efforts into starting his very own business, Vac-Tron Equipment, right in his garage.

Within hours he’d secured $6,000 in sales and from that point forward, in spite of the ups and downs, he grew that company into one worth over $300 million. In just 3 years, Vac-Tron was #13 on the Inc. 500 list and Don was added into the Business Hall of Fame.

He gives glory to God for all the blessings and extensively supports his local community. “I was taught that you have to rise above the situations around you and think beyond them,” says Buckner. “Our struggles make us stronger every day.”

Don’s American-Made Mission

After years of success with Vac-Tron, Don sold the company to pursue his dream of bringing American consumers and manufacturers together for the first-ever Made in America trade show. From there, he jumped right in as the CEO of

Don Buckner of centers on a buy & build American philosophy. It is built on Don’s belief that growing the U.S. economy depends on a strong and flexible manufacturing community. The goal of his new company is to, to raise awareness for the economic, environmental and community impact of American-made manufacturers, companies, and brands.

Made in America 2019 was held in the Indianapolis Convention Center, and featured hundreds of companies and products that are all American. It was a place to celebrate patriotism, faith, and the American Spirit while showcasing the quality and importance of the American manufacturing industry.

Events are hard, and Don took a financial hit in his first at-bat. But next year’s event is already in the works and shaping up to be an entirely different level of success for the unshakeable entrepreneur.

“Everybody has dream killers in their lives,” says Don Buckner. He’s had more than a fair share of them in his. But to him, those voices fall on deaf ears, because he doesn’t have a moment to waste on their negativity. He’s got more important things to do, like build his dream, and help you build yours.

“Right now we have a supply-driven economy–we need a demand-driven economy. If more people demanded American-made products, they would show up more on our shelves. We need a louder voice and we need to use it now.”

Don and the Made in America community will continue to educate Americans until that voice is heard.

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