Reclaim Your Bed with American-Made Doggy Bunk Bed

If you are a dog lover, it is probably safe to say that your dog is part of your family. They may even sleep with you in bed. Snuggling with a dog is known to reduce stress and increase certain endorphins, but at the moment that your small or large dog is completely sprawled out in the middle of your bed and you are holding on to the covers trying not to be rolled off the side of your bed, the realization that this arrangement is not a good one may come to mind.

At CloseBunk, they love dogs. Like many, their dogs ruled the bed. They laid out anywhere they wanted and hogged every space they could. They would press up against them until they had no room to be comfortable. Their movement and excess heat prevented getting good sleep. 

Pete and Patti Stoddard, Founders of CloseBunk began asking friends if they had the same problems. The answer resoundingly was yes. Some had dogs that moved while they dreamed, and some dogs weren’t happy to be asked to move over. People felt trapped in their covers. 

Is your dog a bedhog? Doggy Bunk BedDoggy Bunk Bed

The Stoddards had an idea. One that would fix all of these problems. They went on to create the Doggy Bunk Bed. The Doggy Bunk Bed uses the space over the foot of the bed to allow pets to have their own sleeping space and give dog owners back their space.

The Stoddards worked together with a solid team of engineers, patent and safety attorneys, business and financial advisors, website builders, logo artists, marketing and shipping experts, and advertising videographers. Then they contacted over 90 US and overseas manufacturers. Out of all of them, they chose Ritz Machine in Cambridge, MN to manufacture the adjustable metal base, Carsten’s Fiberglass in Melrose, MN to build the smooth white bed, and Shirley Burritt, Lauri Gunderson, Connie Mannes, and Dana Theisen of Hibbing/Mt. Iron to professionally sew the completely reversible mattresses and optional beautiful mattress covers. All options led to being American-made. 

When asked why they made the decision to be Made In America, Pete and Patti Stoddard stated, “We strongly believe that keeping things local, in America, is best–local product ideas, local manufacturing, local jobs, local retail or online services. For the security of our country and to invest in our future, every sector should have accessible products that are Made in America.”

Doggy Bunk Bed has been cleared through the National Product Safety Commission and they have earned the Value Proposition Badge from the Holmes Center for Entrepreneurship at the Carlson School of Management at the University of MN.

Now every night, and for years to come, with the Doggy Bunk Bed everyone sleeps better together.




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  1. Love it. Now can you think about extending it over the end of the bed so it locks in either the lower or higher positions. I am afraid my dogs would jump down on top of me. I don’t have footboards on my beds. Make it able to collapse so I can take on trips. My sister hates it when I visit with my puppies and sleeping in their bed with me. Aileen Milton. Founder of The Villages Conservative Media.

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