Decouple China Political Action Committee

Decouple China Political Action CommitteeEach day there is a new news story about China and what they have been up to. It seems that the entire United States is beginning to see that it is time for us to take a stand against China in order for us to keep our status as the World Power.

China is led by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) which has undertaken total hybrid warfare. The CCP desires to bring the world under hegemony and control.

The most obvious way and most impactful way to fight against this desire of the CCP is to simply boycott China-made products and buy Made In America products. This would bring China’s economy to an immediate halt almost. However, this is an action a little easier said than done. It is also one of the reasons it is of such importance to reshore America.

Paul Boardman, Chairman of Decouple China PAC, started the PAC, Decouple China, in order to change policy and change the way that China interacts with America. This Political Action Committee raises funds in order to bring awareness and education. They support U.S. House and U.S. Senate candidates who want to quit China completely.

“The more we decouple from China, the more we can affect the supply chain. That market then opens up for Americans to step into.” says Paul Boardman, “It is about the one to five million new businesses that we need to build in America. Businesses that will bring opportunities for new jobs and jobs you can move up with and grow. That entrepreneurial churn that is a hallmark of America and American ingenuity that really does make America special.”

Decouple China PAC is a nonconnected PAC. This means it is a nonconnected committee that is a political committee, however, it is not a party committee, nor an authorized committee of a candidate, or a separate segregated fund established by a corporation or labor organization. Unlike a Super PAC, which is connected to a specific party or candidate and is more restricted in the way they can use the monies raised. 

In a nonconnected PAC, donations cannot exceed a certain amount. However, you can work with candidates to help them understand what the American people want, as well as let the American people know exactly where the candidates stand on Decoupling China.

Currently, Decouple China PAC is looking for candidates to take the Decouple China pledge. This will help America identify who they want to vote for as well as help hold candidates accountable. 

This pledge is not only for politicians, it is for all Americans to have a place and a way to be able to take the Decouple China Pledge, volunteer, or make a donation. To learn more visit


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