DB Promotions Creating Military Challenge Coins Made In America

DB Promotions started as a small home-based business in 1998 by owners Donna and Bill Welch. Both Donna and Bill were born and raised in New Jersey.DP Promotions Challenge Coins

Bill Welch, President of DB Promotions, worked in the Food Service field for most of his life. He served as General Manager of several high-end restaurants in New Jersey, was Director of Food Service for several school districts in New Jersey, and was Food Service Supervisor at various casino/hotels in Atlantic City. However, Bill had always wanted to have his own business on the internet and when his wife and business partner, Donna became a seller on eBay it gave him an idea. 

Bill had an idea of using promotional logos and photos on ceramic coins for marketing, advertising, and promotions. With Donna’s eBay “treasures” that she sold, Bill’s Custom ceramic coins and key holders were added. 

In 1991, Bill designed and produced an Emblem that supported the families of soldiers in Operation Desert Storm. He contributed a large portion of the proceeds to support the families of the American soldiers fighting in the Persian Gulf. This design was turned into a Ceramic Challenge Coin that is Made In America and has been sold in places such as the National Museum Of The Marine Corps and the National Law Enforcement Museum, The Museum of the American Revolution, as well as Intrepid Museum in New York, and Iowa Battleship Museum.

With the success of this Ceramic Challenge Coin, DB Promotions then went on to design and create Ceramic Challenge Coins for each military branch. A Challenge Coin that is Made In America and that the design quality is impeccable on.

With this creation, Bill knew that the time-honored tradition of carrying your challenge coin could be made easier if the correct carrier was created. DB Promotions now has the C.H.A.M.P.™ challenge coin holder. This product is patent pending and also Made In America. The coin holder will hold any Military Challenge Coin measuring 2 – 3 mm in thickness and from 37mm up to 47mm in diameter (1.45″ inch to 1.85″ inch). The C.H.A.M.P.™ coin holder is made from lightweight, flexible “memory” plastic which both holds your coin/chip securely but also allows for easy replacement when necessary. In case you are reading and asking yourself what does C.H.A.M.P. stand for…”Custom Holders Are More Personal”.

Along with these two American-made products, DB Promotions now offers an American-made FanClapper. The FanClapper is constructed from sturdy, specially treated material. It can be printed on both sides and provides three applications in one product; a banner, a clapping device, and a fan. A great product to have at a sports event and a great promotional item for your company.

Bill Welch says, “Small business built America into the great nation that it is.  Let’s do it again”. DB Promotions is proud of being a small business producing products that are American-made.

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