Lt. Col. Dan Rooney offers message of healing, hope in Book: ‘Fly Into the Wind’

Lt Col Dan Rooney founded The Folds of Honor Foundation to provide educational scholarships for the families of fallen military members. In 13 short years, Folds of Honor has awarded over 28,000 scholarships worth approximately $135 million.

Rooney recently published his new book, FLY INTO THE WIND: How to Harness Faith and Fearlessness on Your Ascent to Greatness. On this episode of ‘Fox & Friends’, he discusses the inspiration behind the book.

One Air Force fighter pilot is living proof the sky is the limit. Folds of Honor founder Lt. Col. Dan Rooney takes readers soaring in his new book called Fly into the Wind, delivering a motivational code to help people ascend to their highest level in life. He joins us now.

Ainsley: Good morning to you, Lt. Colonel!

Dan: Good morning, Ansley. Blessed to be with you.

Ainsley: We are so blessed to have you and our viewers who know your story feel the same. Could you quickly tell us about Folds of Honor and why you started it?

Dan: Fold of Honor is an incredible ministry we started 13 years ago above my garage. Our mission has never wavered. It is to honor the sacrifice by educating the legacy that is now 28 thousand spouses and children who have had someone killed or disabled $131 million out the door. These families have certainly flown into the wind and we have helped them through great supporters to ascend to the highest levels and this book is really a next evolution in my life of helping people make an impact in this world that we live in.

Ainsley: You know, our viewers love you because we’ve seen you evolve in your career from serving our country to starting folds of honor and we’ve talking about so many stories of people you’ve sent to college and what you do for our veterans. Now, you’re writing a book! Tell us about the book and why you wanted to write it. The title seems so appropriate for what we’re all going through right now.

Dan: Yes, “Fly into the wind”. As fighter pilots, we always take off into the wind. Even though we fly the most powerful airplanes in the world, we need resistance to ascend–and our lives are no different. I pray that God takes this message to America. It’s a message of healing, hope, unity, and I think it reminds us that we’re connected by God in more ways than we realize in this divisive world. The path to fulfillment that I outline in the book reminds that it really starts with ourselves in order to improve everything in this world that we live in. I look at fighter pilots and if we have one great skill, it’s taking in copious amounts of information at high speed and prioritizing that information. And you know, our lives, we are all drinking through a fire hose. This book at it’s core in prioritizing the unconditional pursuit of things that really matter and I wrote this in a very dark season of my life when I was fighting through a personal storm. I’ve seen the best of humanity and I’ve seen the worst. I’ve seen the unthinkable in combat, but this code of living I have engineered, I found a way to find daily fulfillment–very faith-based. I’m a faith forward person and I’m just excited to share it with the world in hopes that we can change lives.

Ainsley: Dan, you have a philosophy you talk about in the book called, “Cavu”. Explain that to the audience.

Dan: “Cavu” is a fighter pilot acronym. It really is what I call my code of living, but it’s those infinite blue skies–those perfect days when we look outside. I contend our lives are no different. We have an unlimited gift and it’s the day the Lord has made, but we have to go out and live it. In the book, I outline 10 lines of effort that really build on each other. I think that’s the magic in the book–I hesitate to use that word because it requires resilience and discipline to live by a code–but, I’ve created a roadmap for people to get to that place. My favorite term is “go before you’re ready”. It’s the defiant DNA that ties greatness together across the world. I hope this book will give people the courage to go before they’re ready and live their best life.

Ainsley: Dan, thank you so much. God bless you. Everybody go buy his book. He does so much for everybody else, so let’s support him.

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