Cybertruck’s Enormous Texas Manufacturing Plant Breaks Ground

Tesla Giga Texas has a huge footprint and the dirt is already being moved. It’s about twice as big as Giga Berlin in Germany that opened last year Tesmaniana reports.

On the Q2 2020 Earnings Call, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the location of the new advanced manufacturing factory. The Gigafactory for the production of the Semi, Cybertruck, Model Y and Model 3 will be built in Austin, Texas and will be Tesla’s largest factory yet.

Reddit user U/brandude87 made a high-resolution comparison of factory grounds based on Tesla’s Giga Texas plans and the updated plans for Giga Berlin. The comparison also includes the Giga Nevada, Fremont factory, Giga Shanghai, Giga New York, and Tilburg assembly plant.

Simon Alvarez writes in Teslarati.

Tesla’s factories, or at least the land that it acquires for its production facilities, seem to be getting progressively larger with each iteration. This is particularly evident when one looks at a scale comparison comparing the Gigafactory Texas site to the company’s previous facilities. As it turns out, Giga Texas will indeed be a gargantuan electric vehicle complex.

Tesla’s new factory in Texas (the Giga Texas) will occupy the largest territory–and understandably so. According to the plan, Giga Texas will indeed produce the popular Model Y and Model 3, which share about 70% of their parts. But, the production of Semi and Cybertruck will require significantly more space.

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