CWP Creates CWP ProClean a Safe and Effective Cleaning Products Made In America

CWP ProClean before-after-awningHave you ever been on a job faced with a problem that you cannot find a solution to? That is exactly where John and Kyle found themselves one day. Working on a project that needed a very specific type of cleaner. One that actually cleaned while not having a strong odor, a cleaner safe for children and pets… but this product could not be found. So, they invented it.

One of the first questions asked in these interviews is why did you decide to be Made In America. When asked, John and Kyle very simply said, because, in our minds, there was no other option.

CWP ProSeries is a coatings, sealers, and facilities restoration contractor who has clients across the U.S., that has also developed a new line of commercial and industrial-grade cleaners for the consumer market called CWP ProClean

CWP ProClean hospital_b4_afterIn CWP’s (Cleaners With Power) work restoring hospitals, schools, government, and commercial facilities, CWP found an urgent need for commercial grade cleaners that could be used to prepare a variety of surfaces for protective coatings, sealers, and paint. Customers such as schools, hospitals, retail, and government service facilities, required the use of cleaners that were solvent-free, chlorine-free, non-toxic, non-flammable, and safe to use around people, animals, and plant life. The results of their development and extensive testing are the CWP ProClean line of cleaners. 

CWP ProClean products represent a new direction in the technology of cleaning. They’re engineered to work at several levels in what our engineers describe as “4 Part Cleaning”. Their cleaners employ a proprietary ‘Delivery System’ using a payload of nano-sized cleaning compounds targeting different types of contaminants. 

The exclusive blend of more than 8 surfactants has created the most versatile cleaners you will ever use. Cleaners that are chemically engineered to clean a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses, biofilm, dirt, mold, mildew and algae, food and drink spills, bodily fluids, insect and animal waste, cooking and motor oil, grease and grime, and more without any damage or fading. All while being safe.

In today’s day and age, who is not looking for a good, strong, and safe cleaning product? Having access to a product that does not contain chlorine bleach, solvents, or toxic fumes and its Made In America.

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