Bourbon Barrels Repurposed by American Heroes with American Tools at Cruise Customs Flags

There is nothing more American than a Veteran hand-crafted American Flag made from Bourbon Barrels!

Cruise Customs Flags began with a passion for the American flag & all that it symbolizes. Co-Owner, Chris Cruise is a US Military veteran that understands well the value of patriotism. Seeking a meaningful way to express that, Chris & his wife, Amber, started producing hand-crafted American flags. American flags that are built by U.S. veterans from the military and first responder communities using repurposed bourbon barrels.Cruise Customs Flags Barrels

Just in case all that is stated above doesn’t give you the American feel, understand that bourbon barrels can only come from the United States of America. Back in 1964, Congress declared bourbon “America’s Native Spirit.” Whiskey can come from anywhere from Scotland to Brooklyn, but bourbon can only be Made In America. This means that bourbon barrels can only originate from America.

As Chris and Amber have built Cruise Customs Flags they have noticed some similarities between these bourbon barrels and the veterans themselves. Things such as time served can be anywhere from two to twenty years and along the way they get banged up and bruised. Once the veterans and the barrels make it to Cruise Customs Flags they can begin their journey of becoming beautiful again and begin to find a new purpose.

Donation-OneHeartbeatNot only is Cruise Customs Flags designed to help veterans find that new purpose, but the company also believes in giving back. In fact here very soon, they will be releasing a new partnership that is forming with USA Cares. USA Cares mission is to provide post-9/11 military veterans, service members, and their families with financial assistance and post service skills training to create a foundation for long-term stability. With both of these missions looking to improve the quality of life for veterans and their families, the partnership between USA Cares and Cruise Customs Flags is a natural fit.

Cruise Customs Flags had the privilege of being invited to the White House in 2020 for the Made In America Product showcase. A showcase the previous administration held for the past four years to showcase the vital role American businesses, American workers, and American-made products play in the U.S. economy.

As if such an invitation wasn’t enough of an honor, Chris was also featured as a Veteran on Evan William’s “American Hero Edition” Bourbon Bottle.

  1. The flags are beautiful! Thank you for your service. Thank you and your family for the service you are still carrying on.
    God Bless You

  2. I’m sorry the website I read this on was Made in America

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