Cretia Cakes Your New Home for Caramel Obsession Cakes

LaCretia’s love for Southern cuisines and desserts began early on, inspired by her Southern parents and their love of Soul Food

Caramel Obsession Cake

 and its traditions.  She was born and raised on the West side of Indianapolis right down the street from the Indianapolis 500.

LaCretia began baking early. She even was given the nickname, Ms. Betty Crocker by her friends. A nickname she possessed

proudly. After experiencing some health issues, LaCretia found herself having that crucial conversation with herself. “If I were to die right now, am I happy with my life?”. The answer was no. So, LaCretia began taking classes to become a certified Pastry Chef. At first, she would bake mainly for friends. This is where the term Cretia Cakes began. When the time came to open her very own bakery, the name was a given, it had to be Cretia Cakes!

Now, most known for its southern caramel cake named Caramel Obsession, Cretia Cakes is

baking and shipping all over the U.S. The husband and wife team has become quite popular and by just looking at these creations, one would have to agree.

Working with Made In America has been a great experience for the company. Enjoy listening to a one on one with LaCretia.

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