Covered in Cotton Makes Homegrown Throws, Blankets and Towels

Covered in Cotton cultivates and crafts 100% locally grown cotton products made exclusively from cotton grown on their third generation family farm in Darlington, SC. Although they may seem like your everyday family venture, Covered in Cotton’s story is unlike any other.

Their Story

Covered in Cotton blanketFor three generations, the Woodard family has put their hand and heart into the fertile soil of Darlington, South Carolina.

A passion to steward the land and its fruits began with Frank Woodard, Jr. as he purchased the first plot of farmland nestled within the sprawling rural landscape of Darlington County in 1962. He passed the dream and determination to sow and reap not only crops, but a legacy of stewardship and family to his sons and grandsons. Over the decades, Woodard Farms has grown in every sense, but still reaps a harvest from that very plot of land where it all began.

Covered in Cotton was sown from that same seed planted five decades ago – the dream to cultivate something lasting and a harvest that impacts families beyond our fields. With a vision to create a product from their locally grown upland cotton, Ty and his wife, Tracy, spent years dreaming of a way to share not just their story, but the story of agriculture. And after an actual dream in December 2017, Covered in Cotton was born with a mission to cultivate.

In 2015, Ty and Tracy’s son, Tobin fell ill to bacterial meningitis at just three months old. Doctors informed the Woodards that he would likely lose some or all of his vision and hearing, and at worst, never develop past three months old. On Christmas Eve of that year Tobin underwent brain surgery and, against all odds, he continued to recover over the course of 35 days in the hospital until he was released to be with his family. One of Ty and Tracy’s fondest memories from that difficult time was receiving a blanket from one of the nurses, which kept Tobin comfortable through long nights in the hospital.

“That’s how this came to be…with that connection with a nurse that we didn’t even know beforehand. She gave our family the gift of a blanket,” said Tracy. “It was a reminder of the Lord covering us and taking care of us during that time.”

Today, Tobin is a completely healthy and happy five-year-old boy and the Woodard’s have made a promise to donate one blanket to the children’s hospital for every 10 that are sold.

Covered in Cotton's Ty and Tracy

Family and farm are woven together at the center of Covered in Cotton as they’ve worked closely with all local family-owned businesses right in their backyard of the Carolinas. Along with their charitable acts to the children’s hospital, their commitment is to invest in American families and businesses – with a promise to remain proudly made in the USA.

Check out what they have to say about their family farm below.

Our Farm

There’s just something about the principle of sowing and reaping. It requires a hardworking hand and a trusting heart. Long days and sleepless nights are hitched to a faith that can move mountains – or at the very least a rain cloud. Woodard Farms has loved and labored through the sowing and reaping since 1962. Our third generation family farm is located in Darlington County, South Carolina and is owned and operated by Frankie Woodard and his two sons, Wes and Ty. We grow not only cotton, but also soybeans, corn, peanuts and Black Angus beef cattle.

We’re passionate about our family’s legacy in agriculture and the privilege of stewarding the land and animals that supply and feed not just our family, but the world. Our responsibility to the land, the resources, and our community is something we take very seriously as we work to implement the most efficient and responsible agricultural practices – through soil conservation techniques, precision application, GPS technology and water conservation.

Covered in Cotton makes cotton throws and blankets at their family farm

We are not just a family that farms – but a farm family. Everyone in the family – not just the fields – takes on the weight of the seasons on the farm. From long days planting and harvesting to the destruction or abundance brought on by the weather – we all play our part in cultivating Woodard Farms.

We’re not just growing crops and cattle, but a legacy of faith and character in our generations to come. We’re sowing and reaping with our children’s children in mind – with a hope that they will not just build on our tradition of agriculture, but also our legacy of faith and trust in Jesus.

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