Colonial Mills Made in the USA!

Colonial Mills Rugs - Made In AmericaColonial Mills has been crafting quality braided products for over 40 years. Everything they make comes from their Rumford, Rhode Island facility.

Through quality, American craftsmanship, and adaptable design, Colonial Mills brings innovation to braid. Creating the next generation of braided home fashions. To Colonial Mills, braiding is not a style but a method of construction. Their approach reflects people’s eclectic sense of personal style.

This company is extremely proud of its heritage and the fact that they design and manufacture all products exclusively in the USA.  Largely due to the quality and commitment that comes from American manufacturing, the collection of braided rugs, storage baskets, and accessories is second to none.

Colonial Mills

Braid is an American tradition, and Colonial Mills’ believes that it is best produced by an American workforce. They are carrying on this tradition by continuing to manufacture its products in Rhode Island, the birthplace of the American textile industry. They take great pride in employing and supporting the people in their local community.

Gregg Scarlata, President and chief operating officer, says, “l am thrilled and humbled to lead theColonial Mills Rugs - Made In America Colonial Mills team and build on the foundation my father has established for the last 40-plus years. Manufacturing domestically in this day and age is not easy, but there is a tremendous sense of pride and accomplishment in ‘Made in the USA’ and very few textile companies have been able to grow and sustain their businesses domestically as we have.  This company is my life and I am extremely grateful and excited for the opportunity as the second generation to lead it into the future. I could not do this without the amazing team I have behind me here at Colonial Mills. Our employees are what make this company great and have allowed us to survive and thrive for the last 43 years.”


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