Clean-Fire Diesel Fuel Additive Wins Veteran-owned Manufacturer Award

In 1976, veteran and semi-truck driver, Fred Eggerichs, was stranded in South Dakota in the middle of Winter due to fuel failure. While trying to change his truck’s fuel filter in -2o degree weather, he spilt fuel on his hands and sustained permanent physical damage. It was during the six months while Fred was recovering that one of his sons became interested in the petroleum industry.

As a result, Travis Howard Eggerichs Sr. released Clean Fire Diesel Fuel Additive after years of testing. Today, it’s used by a wide range of diesel engines and applications. He continues to run the company with the help of his three sons, Travis Jr., Thomas and Taylor. They recently were awarded the Veteran-owned Manufacturer Award at Made in America 2019. The show was hosted by

clean fire fuel additive award “We appreciate the opportunity and the good people we get to meet during this event and what it stands for, ” said Thomas as he accepted the award.

Clean Fire is available in four convenient sizes for use on everything from a tanker to a small diesel car. You can learn more at

Since 1976, GLOBAL Energy has been exposed to cold weather operability of petroleum.

Established in Minnesota, Global Energy began working with owner-operators. Conversations took place between companies and fuel consumers on how the temperature was leading to equipment failure which could pose a life-threatening situation.

Those conversations became a reality in the winter of 1976 when an owner operator’s semi-truck fuel gelled and left the man with permanent physical damage due to frostbite and hypothermia. Experiences like these brought Global Energy where it is today.

In January 2007 CLEAN FIRE was introduced to the public and the trucking industry by Travis H. Eggerichs, Sr. The product continues to be manufactured for a wide range of diesel engines and applications, on and off-road.

Travis Eggerichs Sr. is involved in reviewing new mandated fuels in regards to the United States, as well as with the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Weights and Measures.

The primary goal of GLOBAL ENERGY RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT, INC., the parent of CLEAN FIRE, is to be proactive in knowing the requirements of Future fuels and understanding federal requirements of the United States Regulation of Emissions.

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