U.S. Inventor of Cham Easy Refuses to Produce Overseas, Stays American Made

Cham Easy, Made in America

“Over the years I have been asked and recommended to outsource Cham Easy overseas to reduce the price point but always wanted to keep it in the USA. I am proud to be able to make available this simple, multi-purpose and effective tool for under $20, that works, makes life better for any home or garage, is durable and easy to use, conserves resources, reduces waste. This allows me to offer top quality and keep jobs here in America” says Inventor, Ray Killen. 

You see, several years ago Ray saw the need for a faster and better tool to detail the car after washing, rain, or dew.  He observed show-car owners struggling with rigid water blades that only dried the flat areas and left streaks or using traditional chamois cloths or terry towels that had to be constantly wrung out, left lint, caused swirls, removed the wax, and were most likely produced overseas.

At his own kitchen table, he designed a squeegee made of closed-cell foam that didn’t absorb and was flexible around curves. He experimented with different grades of foam until he found one that left no streaks. Demonstrating his “Cham Easy” at car shows and flea markets every week up and down the East coast brought a terrifically enthusiastic customer response. Many household applications quickly became obvious. Cham Easy leaves glass or any smooth surface – windows, mirrors, shower walls and doors, granite, stainless steel – completely streak-free with one swipe. Very soon he could not keep up with demand making these by hand. He found a manufacturer that had experience working with foam, state-of-the-art equipment, excellent quality control, and the capacity to produce thousands. Most importantly, Cham Easy is made entirely in the USA.

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