Florida Tricycle Maker Not Just Surviving, But Thriving

Despite global downfalls in manufacturing caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, tricycle manufacturer Catrike has managed to survive and thrive throughout the crisis.

In March, when leadership at Catrike first realized the extent of the pandemic, the company halted manufacturing for two weeks to make adjustments inside the factory that would ensure the team’s safety. The modifications included workflow, staggered hours, enhanced cleaning procedures, and remote operations. Although this resulted in several weeks of reduced output, their precautions ultimately saved the company’s livelihood and protected their employees at their Orlando, FL factory.

The adjustments made in March and April enabled Catrike to not furlough or layoff any employees and to quickly bring the factory back up to full capacity without COVID complications. The interruption in production combined with high demand has resulted in longer lead times to create the tricycles.

Catrike adapts to Covid pandemic

With lead times currently at 13 weeks, the company hired three new employees to help fulfill current orders and build for the future. The factory has been back at full capacity for several weeks, and the team is working hard to meet demand while assuring Catrike quality.

Thanks to U.S. companies like Catrike that quickly adapted to the Covid-19 pandemic, American manufacturing is getting back on its feet and ready to flourish in a post-COVID world.

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