Carolina Prime Makes Nutritious and Delicious Dog Treats!

Carolina Prime Pet, Inc makes nutritious and delicious dog treats that are made in the USA of all USA ingredients. Everything from their beef hooves to dental jerky is made at their location in Lenoir, North Carolina!

Carolina Prime Pet was founded by owner and President Van H. Brown, the original “porkybone” in 1998. During this time he was dabbling in a few different things and putting time into some big ideas he had been cultivating over the years. Van has always been an entrepreneur, and the birth of Carolina Prime Pet came at time in his career when he was transitioning from several successful businesses in the human food industry.

He happened to stumble upon a great deal on a large quantity of pet products. And so, of course Van took advantage of that deal; which introduced him to the pet industry as a whole. Through his time working on selling those products; he made many good contacts in the industry. But, probably his biggest discovery was finding out how much people love their dogs, and how rewarding it is to make quality treats that owners can feel good about and their dogs love!

You could say the rest is history…

Porkybone’s background in organic chemistry combined with his entrepreneurial spirit has allowed him to be successful as an innovator throughout his career; from his first business in the animal foods and fertilizer industry, to human food industry and now dog treats.

dog treatsFor over the past 15 years; Van has built the Carolina Prime Pet team to lead the dog treat industry as an innovator. Innovation is what differentiates Carolina Prime Pet from their competitors. They are known for their ability to consistently produce new, healthy, tasty, Made in the USA treats.

The list of treats that they can claim to be “the original” over the years are many, but to list a few; the Pig Skin Ear, the Pork Hide Twist, the Real Meat Pork Jerky, the Jerky Coated Waff–O–Chips, Salmon Jerky, Jerky Stuffed Bones, and the Sweet Potato category as a whole “our Sweet ‘Tater Fries, Chips, Jerky Coated Fries and Chips.”
This core competency of innovation and leadership through new product development has spurred the growth of the company and demand for their products.

Over the years they have grown out of facility spaces and added many employees. Carolina Prime Pet began in a small warehouse in Murphy, North Carolina that Van, a few contractors, and his teenage sons over the summer; had up fit for making treats. In a few years’ time outgrew that space to another space in Murphy; roughly four times the size of the first space. As of January 2012, Carolina Prime Pet became Carolina Prime Pet, Inc.; at the same time moving and growing into their new home in Lenoir, North Carolina.

Carolina Prime dog treatsIn their continuation of being a leader in the industry, they introduced a second brand of treats, called Blue Ridge Naturals in 2012. Blue Ridge Naturals is the “Naturally Smart Choice for Your Dog.” This line is 100% Natural and of course Made in the USA. As our nation trends toward a healthy lifestyle, and the awareness of our food’s nutrition and source; they have found this is also very important in the feeding and care of our dogs. More information can be found at

They are very excited about their new home in Lenoir, as the new facility is much larger and designed to make quality dog treats. Lenoir, just like their old home in Murphy, is nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. The area has great people and resources; providing them with the best environment to continue being the industry leader in new, healthy, tasty, Made in the USA treats.

The Mission

  • To provide customers the best pet treat values with consistently high quality and dependable service. They only sell the highest quality treats so that pet owners and store owners alike feel confident in the use and sell of the products.
  • To be the leader in developing new and innovative products that will allow retail partners to grow alongside them.
  • To be a dependable partner in packaging, shipping, and presentation of products, that will provide maximum sales for their partners.

For more information, visit their website here.

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  1. There must be a name – there is something in the name.
    Americans shop ‘Walmart’ by the millions.
    I think a name – indicating “Made In America” products would be proper, and legal, all the way.

    Example: Ammart – Amart – Something simple, yet indicating MADE IN AMERICA.

    It is frustrating to buy a product, ‘made in America’, but ‘assembled’ in a foreign location.

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