Are You Serious About Climate Change? Check Your Labels & Buy Local to Save the Planet

Ships are responsible for more than 18 percent of some air pollutants. It also includes greenhouse gas emissions. The fact that shipping enjoys substantial tax privileges has contributed to the growing emissions.

Container ships may shrink in size if manufacturing moves closer to its markets. There are many reasons to move production home and buy American Made. Besides the economic benefit and rebuilding of the manufacturing industry, helping the environment can be added to the list.

At, that is our mission. To help people understand the importance of supporting the U.S. manufacturing sector and empowering the companies that are today. By highlighting these companies, we are getting closer to the manufacturing renaissance.

Saving The Planet

The issue of climate change is so politically charged that most of us find it hard to get through the rhetoric and understand some of the underlying causes of spiraling CO2 emissions worldwide.   The headlines talk about alternative green energy sources from solar panels to electric cars but skip over the most important factor of all, China.  This graph shows the meteoric rise of Co2 emissions by China starting in the 1980’s.  As industry and manufacturing shifted from The United States and Europe our levels have either remained flat or reduced while China is now responsible for more Co2 than America and the E.U. combined.  The inconvenient truth is that we have exported the pollution problem and made it a whole lot worse.  

Out of sight, out of mind.  But if you really care about saving our planet there is something that you can do as a consumer to fix this starting today.  It starts by recognizing that when we purchase goods that are produced in China we are consuming goods with a frighteningly high Co2 footprint.  Add to that the pollution created by shipping those goods around the world and what we are actually doing is contributing to the climate disaster.  

Here in the United States and over in Europe we have implemented regulations on industry from steel and chemicals to actual manufacturing facilities that are driving our carbon footprint down every year.  These businesses need your help.  They need you to support them with your orders.  This starts with reading country of origin labels.  Will it cost more?  Yes, it will, and the reason is that in order to produce things responsibly it does cost more than burning coal and disposing of waste correctly instead of dumping it in the river.  Is it worth it to pay a little more for our stuff or perhaps get a little less stuff at the end of the day?  Well, if we are serious about addressing climate change and saving our planet then I suppose the answer is a solid YES! 

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