Build Buy USA Campaign is Dedicated to Bringing Manufacturing Jobs Back

Build Buy USA is an online campaign that is dedicated to bringing manufacturing jobs and domestic consumption back to the U.S. Their website explains the benefits of manufacturing and buying products in the U.S.

The United Auto Workers Union launched the campaign in 2017 to reach a wide audience with their pro-American worker message. The organization also works in partnership with Labor 411, a directory for goods and services that are Made in the USA.

“BuildBuyUSA is about our future,” reads the UAW’s mission statement, “it’s about the big picture of bringing back the well-paying and sustainable manufacturing jobs that supported all of us for generations. We can have the future we want, but it won’t happen through grandstanding or flag waving. By working together, our actions and choices can change the future. It’s that simple.” BuildBuyUSA wants Americans to come together to bring manufacturing home.

The website features a “blueprint for the future”, which shows what companies can do to bring sustainable manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. The blueprint lists four actions that would be essential to the future of American manufacturing. The list includes rewarding employees for their hard work, establishing industrial policies, improving trade policies, and rebuilding union density. The site highlights that workers unions are essential to improve wages, benefits and working conditions.

The site also shows what we, as consumers, can do for the future of American employment. It discusses the domino effect of buying American-made products. When a consumer buys an American-made good, they’re supporting the American company and rewarding them with their money. As these companies continue to grow and prosper, they create more manufacturing jobs, which results in additional jobs in other fields. They include a statistic, which explains that 3.4 full-time non-manufacturing jobs are created every time one single manufacturing job is created.

When a consumer buys products made offshore, they are rewarding companies that send American jobs overseas. BuildBuyUSA is working to inform citizens of the importance of buying domestically.

There are many reasons to buy USA-made. To boycott sweatshops, improve the American economy, help the environment, for quality service and even food safety. Build Buy USA knows that buying and producing American products is about much more than just a material good. Learn more at

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