Brown Dog Hosiery Dedicated to American Manufacturing

Brown Dog HosierySporting traditions is the tagline at Brown Dog Hosiery. This tagline resonates on different levels to different people. One might say it is about football games in the fall or playing golf on the weekends with your Dad. 

Another might say it is spending time on the coast or time at the family farm. The owners think about Labor Day dove hunting, opening weekend at the deer camp, annual fishing trips, & their yearly duck hunts after Christmas.

To Brown Dog Hosiery, traditions are a throwback to when things were actually made in the United States. Where the company is located in Haw River North Carolina, the country is rich in textile heritage. Today the area’s textile industry is vastly different than it was a generation ago. Brown Dog Hosiery is committed to continuing the textile tradition, employing those in the community, investing in state-of-the-art equipment, and proving a U.S. hosiery company can thrive and compete with anyone in the world.

Brown Dog HosieryAt Brown Dog Hosiery they manufacture casual dress socks that are made of ring-spun combed cotton and provide arch support and a seamless toe, 100% Made In America. They offer designs of all kinds, from ducks and fish to flags and freedom.

Brown Dog Hosiery socks are made from 100% American Grown Cotton and are manufactured in the great state of North Carolina. After harvesting, the cotton is baled and then transported to Thomasville, NC where it is cleaned, spun, and combed. 

Brown Dog HosieryFrom the spinner, the clean cotton travels to Belmont, NC to be bleached and dyed to match the Brown Dog colors. The dyed yarn is then prepped and backwound onto cones for delivery to the Wilson Brown knitting facility, also located in Haw River, NC. There they are knit by expert technicians and finished and packaged right next door.

A Fun fact; it takes 4 minutes to knit one Brown Dog sock and their total manufacturing supply chain is a mere 126 miles through the state of North Carolina. Meaning the supply chain crisis that is affecting so many stores and products is not affecting Brown Dog Hosiery.

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