Brave American Wooden Decor Empowers and Employs Veterans

Brave American veteransBrave American is a veteran-owned and operated company that builds and sells handcrafted wooden flags, watch boxes, metal home decor, apparel, and coffee. Their mission is to empower and employ veterans all across the country. When you support Brave American, you’re also giving 10 percent of every sale back to veteran organizations.

Not only is Brave American veteran-owned, they’re also American Made. Each product is handcrafted by an American veteran at their shop in Brighton, Michigan. In many cases, veterans are already familiar with the practice of woodworking and building. As a U.S. Marine Corp Veteran, Devin Kubina was inspired to join Brave American after seeing a job listing on Indeed.

“It instantly seemed like a great opportunity,” said Kubina. “I had a lot of woodworking experience after being in the Marine Corp … having a lot of likeminded individuals and other veterans that I could come and work with is just a fantastic opportunity–I’m so happy to be here. I would like to say for the customers that buy from Brave American that everyone who works here loves what they do and they love the product. They definitely put their soul and their energy into making sure it’s fantastic.”

Not only does Brave American make wood products, they also sell apparel. Click here to check out their limited edition spring collection!

“Made in America matters because it allows us to bring jobs home which in return allows our communities to thrive and we are able to produce high-quality products that can’t be replicated from overseas manufactures,” said Co-Founder Matt Smith. “We pride ourselves on our handcrafted products because we know that our customers are getting the best products they can possibly get.”

Click here to learn more about Brave American.

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