The Better Bungee = American Innovation Meets Simplicity

The Better Bungee

The Better Bungee is a simple solution to a common problem!

Bungee cords and straps are used just about everywhere. Inside our homes, in our garages, and especially outdoors; Camping, on RV’s, moving, tailgating, ATV’s, tactical, Snowmobiles, Water sports, hunting, fishing, boating, picnics farming– the uses are endless. Having had many bungee products fail on us – the rubber bungees can be so stiff they don’t stretch! The ends can open up easily, some smell badly and after being outside for a small period of time they become brittle and end up breaking which is why we see them all over the highways! The cloth-covered elastic bungees get so very dirty, the ends are cheap and pull open and the cords after stretching a couple of times become useless because they no longer stretch.

The Better Bungee wanted to change all this and came up with Better materials to create Better, Safer, Stronger Bungee cords, straps, and rope that can be used and counted on to perform under extreme weather conditions.

With over 30 years of combined management experience in polymer manufacturing, design, and chemical analysis our team has created a unique one of a kind product line that will withstand all you can throw at it! Extreme temperature variations, UV, water, diesel fuel, oil, gasoline, and much more! They are safer, stronger, and Better for any industrial or leisure application. We then took this to the next level and made it lighter in weight so they are easily stored and come in many colors to make your adventure fun or for storage and organization ideas!

All that being said their next philosophy is MADE IN THE USA! Every ounce of material–every tag, machine, barcode, and even the tools for The Better Bungee are all made here in the USA with USA materials and labor!

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