Spotlight on American Made Auto Part Manufacturer Momentum USA

What do Brake Pads and Exhaust Assemblies have in common? Why, Cabin Air Filters, of course!

Three years ago, Auto part manufacturer Momentum USA, Inc. decided to bring cabin air filter manufacturing back to the USA. After investing several million dollars and working many long days and nights, we produced our first Cabin Air filter on January 2, 2019, in Richmond, Virginia. 

Despite a litany of pandemic-related challenges, one year later we added a second filter production line. In two short years, we have been able to manufacture millions of filters in Richmond, Virginia. Today, approximately 95% of the volume has transitioned from our previous offshore JV. Within the next 12 months, we will be 100% basic in the USA.  Due to our North American footprint, we were able to earn new business with our product being placed into a major big-box retailer in the USA. 

Momentum USA Auto partsDuring the pandemic, with a great vision from our ownership, we pivoted successfully, fluidly, and with remarkable speed to the manufacture of PPE masks, both 4 layer, and N95. All this without missing a beat on our “bread-and-butter” production of cabin air filters. 

 While our cabin air filter manufacturing in the USA is new, our North American manufacturing experience is not. We have a 20-year brake pad manufacturing operation just east of Toronto, Canada, and an exhaust (welded assemblies) manufacturing company in Hopkinsville, Kentucky that we have owned and operated since 1986. With these companies, we manufacture and private label for some of the largest automotive aftermarket and Original Equipment Service companies in the industry.  Therefore, we had great confidence in our ability to dovetail our brake pad and exhaust parts engineering prowess and manufacturing experience into a successful cabin air filter operation. Mission accomplished! Our customer base includes several of the largest automotive retailers, one of the largest USA auto dealers, and, as noted, several big box retailers in the USA.  A key differentiator of our Cabin Air Filter products is 100% of our media /raw materials are also made in the USA! 

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Our Company is 76 years young this year; what a fitting way to celebrate our 76th anniversary in 2020 during a world-changing global pandemic. Why fitting? Like the founders of our company, through grit, drive endless passion, a commitment from ownership, and every employee we had one of our best business years despite the transformative business climate.  We chose not to focus on the many, many twists and curves but instead focused on how to successfully navigate every challenge with flexibility and creativity. Our American-owned, independent entrepreneurial company has the 4th generation now actively involved in every aspect of our business. They have the confidence that in the years to come they will be positioned to successfully lead and grow the company into our 100th year of business.

Today, Momentum USA is a trusted supplier for AutoNation, Fram, NAPA Auto Parts, and O’Reilly Auto Parts.

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