Authentically American. Veteran-owned. American-made. Where Is Yours Made?

Authentically American Sweat TeesAuthentically American has set out to build an iconic American brand that is truly American-made. Their mission is to create U.S. jobs by supporting American manufacturing, giving back, and providing the highest quality product.

The initial focus of Authentically American has been providing Corporate and Organization Branded Apparel and Accessories. Think of Authentically American as a premium brand with the same high quality as Nike, North Face, or Cutter & Buck; however, ALL Made In America.

When Dean Wegner, Founder & CEO, retired from the military he spent a good amount of time working in consumer packaged goods, helping him to learn a lot about the industry he now owns a company in. One of the greatest things he learned from that time was that in 1993 over 50% of apparel was Made In America. By the year 2000, it had dropped to less than 3%. One of the largest markets in the apparel arena is corporate branded apparel. In fact, it is an $8 billion dollar industry with no options to buy Made In America. This fact did not sit well with Mr. Wegner, so he put a pencil to paper and began to figure out how to bring not only an option that is Made In America but an option that is higher quality than anything else on the market today.

Beginning a company from a blank sheet of paper is not an easy task. The amount of marketing needed can be overwhelming. In fact, Dean watched as Proctor & Gamble launched their very successful brand, Swiffer. They began with a $100 million dollar marketing budget. What start-up has access to funds like that? Not many. 

Being a former Business Development/Sales and Marketing person and believing in the mantra of, it is not what you know, it is who you know. Mr. Wegner began reaching out to the contacts he had in his phone. Calling on friends who own businesses and executives that he had previously worked within some capacity to give referrals. After one year the business model was proven successful.

How Do They Keep Competitive?

Pricing is such an important piece of the puzzle. People want quality, people want to buy Made In America, but so many times they think that means high-priced. Authentically American is priced right alongside the large name brands. They do this by keeping it direct. You will never find Authentically American on Amazon or in a big box store, but you will find their e-commerce shopping experience to be one of great ease and the utmost in customer service. 

This doesn’t mean the profit margin is the same as those that produce overseas, as it does still cost more. Not so much that Authentically American isn’t able to stay competitively priced though. Not to mention the value that is obtained from creating jobs for Americans.

Giving Back

Authentically American gives 10% of its sales back to support two veteran non-profits. They also will partner with other non-profits and offer them at-cost pricing. Enabling the non-profits the ability to proudly wear and boast about their American-made apparel while saving them money and time. 


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