Authentically American: Custom Branded Apparel Made in USA

Check the tag on your favorite shirt with your company logo – ‘Where is it made?®’ Unfortunately, the answer is rarely Made in USA. Authentically American Apparel is determined to change that. As an American made, Veteran-owned company, Authentically American sells premium, competitively priced custom branded apparel that is ALL Made in USA–no exceptions.

authentically americanFounder & CEO Dean Wegner is a U.S. Army veteran and apparel industry expert. When Wegner graduated from Westpoint in 1993, over 50% of apparel was made in the United States. Today, it is tragically less than 3%. This statistic inspired Wegner to launch his own American custom branded apparel company that sets the standard for American made merchandise.

“Authentically American is veteran owned, american made, and focused on quality apparel,” said Wegner. “More important than apparel, Authentically American is focused on creating american jobs.”

“At the last Made in America Tradeshow, it was surprising to see how many of the exhibitors were wearing their branded clothing with tags saying ‘Made in China'”, said Wegner. “We encourage American manufacturers to not only consider what they’re making, but what they’re wearing while they do it!”

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Authentically American makes custom branded apparel for businesses and charities, so they can sport their organization’s logo on American made clothing. With production in 12 states throughout the country, Wegner and his team make sure that their American made products are competitively priced and compete with known national brands that manufacture overseas. At the same time, they’re creating jobs that have been lost in the past to offshoring trends.

“It was hard when a lot of the industry went overseas because it hurts,” said U.S. textile worker Melissa Daniel. “It hurts people like me who do take pride in knowing that I’m good at what I do. Being able to come here and do what I know is just amazing.”

authentically american apparelAlthough they sell predesigned consumer apparel, the company’s specialty is producing custom apparel for businesses, schools, sports clubs, political campaigns, and other groups. Wegner has worked with a wide range of folks who can all agree on the Made in America movement.

“Put personal politics aside – whether it’s on the left or right, you talk to people across the board and you hear lots of talk about patriotism and made in the U.S.A. I was blessed to attend West Point, and now we’re a supplier to them. We also serve universities like Belmont, Vanderbilt and Lipscomb, and a number of charities. For the charities we provide our business services at cost. Giving back is a core company value for us.”

Authentically American donates 10% of profits to support military vets, first responders, and their families through The Folded Flag Foundation and Reboot Recovery.

The Future of Made in America

As for the future of the Made in America movement, Wegner is pushing for tighter regulations for American made labelling on apparel and other goods. Implications from Covid-19 knocked many businesses off their feet for a few months – while Authentically American was projected to grow sales by 300%, sales only grew 50%. But, while the pandemic caused widespread supply chain issues throughout the globe, Wegner believes it has made consumers more inclined to buy American.

“Cheap Made in China is out and Made in America is in,” he said. “I’m excited for the future of Made in America.” For more information, visit

Dean Wegner and the Authentically American brand will be at Made in America 2021 in Louisville, KY. Learn More

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  1. I wear Authentically American because I support America!! My sons are in the Military and I buy to support them. Dean Wegner and his team have made well made comfortable great looking products I am proud to wear and share!!

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