Apple Puts Large Investment in Kentucky Manufacturer for Glass of Every iPhone

Apple COO, Jeff Williams, had an exclusive interview with Fox Business a few years ago and shared plans for further development of glass technology at Corning’s factory in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. The Corning factory has been there since 1952.

“We had a big announcement and we announced two new phones, and they, of course, feature Corning glass and are the toughest glass in any smartphone, and it’s developed right here in Kentucky,” Williams said. “It’s amazing, in the middle of horse country, you have … a range of people from skilled trades to scientists, right in the middle of this small town, making the best glass in the world. And we know that because we test it all.” – June, 2019

2021 Apple’s Investment in Advanced Manufacturing Continues in Kentucky

Corning had already received $450 million from Apple over the past four years. Apple announced on Monday its latest investment into the company. The contributions help support more than 1,000 jobs in Kentucky and at other Corning facilities, according to Apple. Those jobs include skilled technician positions at the Corning factory in Harrodsburg.

The strength of the glass-ceramic material comes from nano-crystals, which are produced in Corning’s Harrodsburg facility.

In addition to Corning’s work with Apple, the company’s “Gorilla Glass” is also featured on a plethora of other smartphones, laptops, tablets and smartwatches.

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