American Made Zinc Batteries joining Grids from Eos Energy Storage

Last month, Eos Energy Storage released a press release stating that they have entered a binding agreement to supply 1GWh of standalone battery energy storage systems (“BESS”) in Texas to International Electric Power, LLC (“IEP”) for grid connected projects with the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (“ERCOT”).  Along with that, they will also supply 500MWh of energy in California. Eos will manufacture, design and deliver multiple integrated AC BESS solutions starting in the third quarter of 2021.

The zinc hybrid cathode batteries are currently in high demand and are best suited for 4-6 hour discharge but have the flexibility to go to higher power and longer run times.

“ERCOT is an important and growing market for energy storage. Long term energy storage will help mitigate massive investments that are needed in transmission facilities to relieve congestion,” commented Dr. Balki Iyer, Chief Commercial Officer of Eos. “We are very excited to be partnering with a high quality developer such as IEP on this important project. Our zinc batteries offer the perfect solution to address the project’s needs. We are particularly proud to announce that we will be supplying the entire 1 GWh from batteries sourced and manufactured here in the USA.”

A huge reason that Eos Energy Storage is so popular right now is due to their fire safety and “Made in USA” tag. The company claims its battery systems are non-flammable as well as made from widely-available, recyclable materials and as far back as 2017 was claiming solar-plus-storage with 4-hour discharge could be possible for as low as US$0.10 per kWh using the technology.

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