Show American Made Love this Valentine’s Day 2020

Valentine's Day American Made Card ‘Cause You’re The Only Ten I See!

I just ordered an American Made Valentine card and got this message back. Thank you for shopping with Selling Only American Made Goods! at and buying American.  Your purchase helps keep Americans working.  We will process your order as quickly as possible.

It may not arrive on time but will be appreciated by my fiancé nontheless.

Do yourself and American jobs a small favor and share American made this Valentine’s Day.

A message from the Founder of Norton’s USA General Store, Only Selling American Made Goods

Valentine's Day American Made Heart GraphicI always wanted to open a retail store. My children tease me that my family didn’t play store with me enough when I was a child. In 2003, I had the very good fortune to play the role of Barbara Ehrenreich in the stage adaptation of her book, “Nickel and Dimed: On ( Not) Getting By in America” at Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago. While researching and rehearsing for the play, I realized that most of our manufacturing had gone offshore. I knew that we had lost a lot of manufacturing to China, but I hadn’t realized how much and that most of our consumer goods had left along with the jobs that employed so many Americans. I needed to do something positive, so I started researching what goods were still made in America and I kept a list. Then one day as I was driving through Barrington, I saw that my favorite building, an old livery barn, was for sale and as they say, the rest is history! It took my brother and I six months to get the building cleaned and fixed up and on June 13th, 2007 I opened the door to Norton’s U.S.A., Uniquely American General Store.

Here Are American Made Candy Ideas

The USA Love List always features some of the best Made in the USA brands. Here are some of the candies and go to for the rest of the bag.

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  1. Nice post – A great list of American Made brands.

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