American Made Mask is Best Invention of the Year for 2020 according to TIME Magazine

American Manufacturers stepped in the middle of the pandemic and pivoted to make PPE. One of those great companies is Breathe99 that has developed technology in the mask structure with high quality materials. Made in the USA.

Easy Breathing

B2 Filters have a large surface area to maximize airflow. They are 40% more breathable than the strict requirements set by NIOSH for non-powered respirators.

Particle Attraction

The electrostatically-charged non-woven polypropylene layer in all B2 Filters attracts and traps particles as they flow through.

Particle Entrapment

The super-fine meltblown polypropylene layer in the Original B2 Filter traps smaller particles that make it through woven fabrics.

Third-party verified

B2 Filters were put through precise filtration efficiency and airflow resistance testing at the University of Minnesota Department of Mechanical Engineering. Using a size range of particles from 30 to 300 nm, we are able to understand filter performance down to the smallest detail.

Designed to the highest standard

B2 Mask is designed for everyday use at home and in the workplace. It was designed according to requirements set out by NIOSH and the FDA in 42 CFR 84, though it is not currently approved nor is it a medical device. Our filter material has been tested as >99% efficient for bacterial and viral filtration (ASTM F2101). However this test is not as strict as the requirements set by NIOSH for particle filtration.

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