American Made Fabrics Industry is Coming Back to Life But Needs More Support

A raw interview with the founder of Fashion Fabrics of America, Mitchell Peligri, as he shares decades of stories about the apparel industry in the U.S.

His descriptive view of the first-hand experience – transitioning from American Made fabrics in the late 70s to late 90s, to everything being imported. Then deciding he would only work with U.S. mills after being appalled by the human rights atrocities he was seeing in certain parts of the world.

In his younger days, he worked at one of Rockefeller’s mills in New York and then he watched as mills across the country closed starting after 1996 and gaining steam in 2001. He points out a 20-year cycle in the industry, that has just been completed, and how people are again investing in the U.S. today – in the fashion and fabrics industry.

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  1. Thank you for telling this story – it is a great part of America’s History, and if we don’t know our History, how will we ever succeed again……………

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