American factories desperately need workers. It’s a $1 trillion problem. 500k open U.S. manufacturing jobs

American factories desperately need workers. It's a $1 trillion problem. 500k open U.S. manufacturing jobs.

Last week, I was speaking with a U.S. manufacturer about the short supply of trailer inventory available in the U.S. and in his NE region of New York. “The orders are there but workers available don’t seem to have the trade skills needed. That’s the #1 issue slowing us down today,” shared Mark Andol of General Welding & Fabrication.

Many news organizations have been reporting on the lack of workers for U.S. manufacturing. “We have a perception problem. People don’t know the jobs are here or that these are jobs they want, said Carolyn Lee, Executive Director of the Manufacturing Institute. As quoted in this article about the $1 trillion growing problem.

More from the story above says manufacturing that many young Americans just don’t want to work in factories, in part because of fears about robots taking over and jobs getting shipped overseas.

“The robots are not taking over,” said Lee. “A robot can pick up a box and move it, but a person can be creative and get ahead of what’s coming.”

Even though millions of Americans remain out of work as the pandemic continues, the Deloitte report said “many manufacturers can’t fill” entry-level production associate positions that do not require technical knowhow and pay well above the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour.

To rebuild their talent pipeline, Lee said manufacturers must proactively reach out to more diverse groups.

Lee added in the interview, who comes from a manufacturing family herself, “it’s mathematically impossible for us to compete in the future without having a more diverse workforce going forward.”

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