American Blossom Linens are Made in the USA of Highest Quality

American Blossom Linens on display at Made In America 2019 in Indianapolis in the American Made bedroom.

Since 1931, ATD-AMERICAN CO. has been a popular American wholesale option for bedding, bath linens, and clothing items. ATD-American is a family-owned business that supplies to groups like the Armed Forces, government agencies, dormitories, correctional facilities, nursing homes, and more.

The company only has experience selling wholesale, but one of the owners, Janet Wischnia has been making plans to explore outside of her comfort zone. In January, Wischnia started a direct to consumer website selling bedding. American Blossom Linens is a new line of U.S.-made sheets made from 100 percent organic cotton grown in West Texas.

Wischnia is hopeful for the line’s success because of the rising popularity of American manufacturing. “With the political climate, the current president, Made in USA is more out there, people seem to think about it a little bit more than they did before,” Wischnia said. “When we saw that trend and the whole environmental trend, the trend for people wanting products made out of organic fibers, we thought we would give a try at creating a product and doing direct-to-consumer.”

American Blossom is a brand from the 1940’s made by ATD-American’s sister company Thomaston Mills that Wischnia reintroduced because of renewed interest in American-made products. The brand’s goal is to sell well-made luxury bedding for a reasonable price.

On American Blossom’s website, Wischnia says, “We brought back American Blossom because we perceive people are looking for sustainable products, impeccably made in the USA by your friends and neighbors, products that will last and last and never go out of style.”

Learn more from a recent article by the Inquirer, “The idea for American Blossom came from Wischnia trying a heavyweight fabric — as sheets go — that Thomaston Mills had made for a company in Canada and thinking it would be even better made with organic cotton. She came across the documentary The True Cost, which explores the clothes-making industry and its global impacts, which led her to a West Texas co-op of organic farmers and the cotton now being used by American Blossom.”

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