Sales Grow at American Blossom Linens by 400% During the Pandemic

American Blossom Linens producing and selling linens, Made In America. 

American Blossom Linens Bedding

During the pandemic, many companies saw sales decrease or have been highly impacted by the supply chain shortage, causing sales to decrease. Not American Blossom Linens; sales at this American manufacturing company increased by 400%, a record number.

“I was surprised,” CEO Janet Wischnia said of the revenue increase. “People are being laid off, the economy is not so good, and I thought it would be tough right now.”

With people staying home more, there was definitely an increase in buying home goods, especially via e-commerce. This reason alone cannot account for the dramatic increase. 

American Blossom Linens makes sheets in the USA from organically grown cotton that comes from Texas. There are no chemicals, no pesticides, and they are finished in a chemical-free way. Made with sustainable manufacturing practices. All attributes Millenials find appealing. This reason alone cannot be the only reason for growth either.

The true reason Janet attributes the uptick in sales is that as the orders started to flow in, so did the emails and FacebookJanet Wischnia owner of American Blossom Linens messages from customers saying they wanted to prioritize buying American-made products. “When we saw a shortage of personal protective equipment and heard that China had a lot of it in April, I think it got people thinking that maybe they don’t want to buy as many products made in China anymore,” she said.

Elizabeth Brotherton-Bunch, who heads communications for the Alliance for American Manufacturing, says she’s noticed this trend, as well. “Consumers are being very deliberate about the money that they’re spending right now,” she said. “And they are trying to support locally made goods and American-made goods.”

Buying American-made products is important for more than just political reasons right now, Brotherton-Bunch notes. She describes every purchase of a product as a chain reaction that ripples through the rest of the economy. “When you buy an American-made product, you’re supporting a job in an American community,” she said. “And when that happens, we see the growth of indirect jobs around it.” Manufacturing, in particular, she notes, is an industry that often generates growth in other sectors, such as construction, accounting, or engineering.

The fact that American Blossom Linens already had established relationships and a strong e-commerce platform also played a strong role in the growth in sales.

American Blossom Linens originated from the family-owned textile manufacturing business Janet Wischnia grew up in, ATD-American Company. Started in 1931 by her grandfather, the business was passed down to her father Jerome and uncles Spencer and Arnold, and then she became president in 2003.

2019 is when Janet noticed the increased interest in Made In America products and decided to open American Blossom Linens. 

Linens is not the end of the road for Janet and this American company she has built. They are now producing a dye-free organic blanket, pillows will be launched soon and there will be even more to come.

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