All American made toys companies on display in FOX Square

Lux Blox and Maple Landmark are two of the All-American-made toys companies featured on Fox News over the weekend. Both of these incredible American Manufacturers have worked closely with Made In America to promote the mission to reshore America.

According to Andrew Rainville, Director of Communications for Maple Landmark “The immense interest generated from our brief time on Fox and Friends demonstrates a strong desire to buy U.S.-made from all across the country. Here in Vermont, we’re now working as quickly as possible to make everyone’s Christmas presents! Thank you to Fox and for the opportunity!”

“Having the chance to be a guest on Fox & Friends for their Made in America spot was utterly fantastic both for me personally and a great opportunity for our company.” says Mike Acerra Co-Founder and President of Lux Blox, ” It was great meeting the behind-the-scenes-people that make everything work so well, as well as getting a chance to talk with on air personalities like Pete Hegseth, Rachel Campos Duffy, and the weatherman, Rick Reichmuth.  Everyone at Fox was utterly friendly and professional.   It was also awesome to get to speak to such a large national audience about the excitement we have about manufacturing domestically.”

All-American made toys companies on display in FOX SquareThe Holiday Season is upon us and it presents the opportunity for Americans to stand up and make a statement about where they want the products they buy made. After the onset of COVID, our country has realized the need to support local and even more to support Made In America, not only does this help to build the American economy but it also creates American jobs. Purchasing from incredible toy makers like these can help make that impact.


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