Inventor Created Adhesive Remover Eco-Friendly and Made it in America – TakeOFF Wipes

From the Desk of John Nacsa, Founder’s Statement for Take Off Wipes.

I have been in the commercial label/printer industry for over 25 years, and I needed a reliable adhesive remover that could also clean carbon and grime. I decided to create my own solution because nothing I tried seemed to work effectively. I tested chemicals like Acetone, Hexane and Trichloroethylene but they were too toxic.

It was important to me to formulate a remover that was environmentally safe, yet strong enough to tackle the job. I developed a formula that was successful commercially. I realized it had boundless applications and retail appeal.

We take pride in knowing that both the formulation and the packaging is supporting jobs in America. TakeOFF is produced and manufactured in the USA. Distributed at local retailers and through this internet site.

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