Addressing Infrastructure will be Beneficial to American Manufacturing and the U.S. Economy

Democratic lawmakers have found an area of compromise with President Trump within the topic of infrastructure. Both sides agree that there is an obvious need to invest in new projects and repairs.

The American Society of Civil Engineers gave the U.S. a grade of D+ on their 2017 Infrastructure Report Card. The report is published every four years and the U.S. earned the same grade in 2013. Investment and planning are listed as key solutions to the issue.

President Trump made sure to highlight the country’s need for infrastructure development during his 2016 presidential campaign. Last week, he finally made plans to follow through with development. Democratic congressional leaders Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer came to an agreement with President Trump on a $2 trillion infrastructure bill.

Although Trump is insistent on the infrastructure bill, many conservative lawmakers are concerned with where the funding will come from. “$1 trillion, you could maybe do,” said NC Rep. Mark Meadows on Thursday. “$2 trillion; there is no way to get the money other than raising taxes and there is not an appetite for an increase in taxes by Republicans in the House or the Senate.”

Instead of raising taxes to pay for the bill, Republicans have offered alternatives, like selling government land or withdrawing troops from Afghanistan.

Whatever the cost, infrastructure should be important to everyone. Poor infrastructure is a huge threat to public safety and will eventually lead to larger economic issues if not fixed and maintained. “Spending American tax dollars on infrastructure would have a significant effect on the number of manufacturing jobs within the U.S.,” says Don Buckner, CEO of Along with increased employment, infrastructure building and repair would lower transportation costs, consequently making up for investments.

The Democratic leaders and Trump will meet again in three weeks to discuss funding.

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