The Plan to Accelerate Financial Recovery and Gain Back our Sovereignty

The Covid-19 Virus has not only affected our physical and mental health but also has exposed our country’s dependency on China for survival.

With 80% of our pharmaceuticals being made in China and India, it puts us in a very weak, non-negotiable position.

We are almost totally reliant on China to provide critically needed masks, protective wear, respirators, and antibiotics.

We have literally lost our sovereignty! This country’s future depends on what we do next.

There are several key components to this critical mission to gain back our sovereignty.

1) We must educate all American consumers and corporations to use stimulus dollars very wisely. If those dollars are spent on Chinese-made products, those dollars will only stimulate China’s economy. When we spend dollars on American-made products, those dollars are passed around in the country many times, causing there to be a multiplier effect each time they are spent. We must all become Patriotic Spenders. Make April “Keep Dollars in America Month.”

2) The Government and investment groups must fund the companies and startups that are going to make the products for all our medical needs.

3) Medical buying co-ops that provide 90% of supplies and medicine to medical care providers must seek out and buy American-made products as they become available and continue to support them as a matter of policy. We should never return to the past of buying imports, no matter the price!

We have a real opportunity to make the United States of America a stronger country, but it will take ALL of us acting together. Let’s act NOW and act decisively.

Message from the CEO of

Don Buckner

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