(Watch) ABC World News asks, What did you get Made In America this Christmas?

Every year David Muir with ABC World News features Made In America brands and shines a light on American Made. Here is the 2019 video of the show highlights. Comment below what you got this year!


Join Made in America 2020 in Detroit. We are bringing American Made brands together to showcase and network with each other and to consumers and businesses. It takes a lot to be made in the USA today but coming together under one roof with the common goal of being American Made will help strengthen the movement. The Made in the USA movement is crucial to the growth of the economy and the middle class. We believe that making things with your hands is an important skill that has gotten lost in the United States over the last couple of decades. Our goal is to push this initiative forward.

Just like ABC World News, we are pushing the message that consumers and businesses should buy American Made. The manufacturing base is the backbone of America and our passion behind bringing this to the forefront of society is what pushes us. It’s imperative that Americans understand that supporting American Made means more jobs and an increase in economic productivity.

Whether it’s a pair of socks or a car, every dollar that is spent on American Made products brings a return of at least $1.40 which can come back to you.

  1. Merry Christmas David Muir,

    I got a “Mayfair” toilet seat, made in the USA! Yes!

  2. I am a Licensed electrician for 31 years and designed and manufactured a new product. (Made in USA). I would love if you would show my product on your show.

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