AAPEX Manufacturing assists Companies in Becoming American-Made

Ann Ensenbach owner and President of AAPEX Manufacturing began the company based on her prior experience in manufacturing and her realization of how little American manufacturing was being done. She first began her career working with an American company that produced American-made products. Their philosophy of American manufacturing was deeply instilled into her during her time with them. When Ann moved on in her career and realized the current state of American manufacturing and how much was being done off-shore, she knew something had to change, and out of that desire, AAPEX Manufacturing was born. 

Ann is not one who only serves herself, when she opened the doors of AAPEX Manufacturing it was not just to help her, but to help the entire industry. She wanted to bring back American manufacturing, but also that gold standard America is known for, top quality, that pays attention to detail and makes products that last a lifetime.

Being of the philosophy ‘Go big or Go home’ AAPEX Manufacturing does not limit themselves as to what they can do. When presented with something they have never done before, the statement that follows is not, ‘I can’t do that’, it is ‘how do we make this happen?’. This philosophy has empowered Ann and her team to work with different types of companies across the board and help them to become Made In America companies. One such story is that of AAPEX Manufacturing and Silverback Safety & Training Solutions, Inc.

Silverback Safety & Training Solutions, Inc. focuses on protecting and empowering everyday people with the knowledge and skills necessary to survive a catastrophic event. Where training is a big part of their role in safety, Silverback also has designed several products that will help when in a dangerous situation. Products like the Barracuda Intruder Defense System which securely locks an entry point in a lock-down situation or trauma kits such as the PROTECTOR II for first responders, PRO HUNTER for Outdoorsman, and the BITT KIT for businesses, places of worship, schools, and other areas of mass gatherings. These kits aid in traumatic injuries and, combined with how-to training, will increase your chance of surviving life-threatening injuries.

Silverback Training & Safety Trauma Kit

Ann Ensenbach reached out to Troy Lowe of Silverback Safety & Training Solutions and offered the ability for Silverback’s products to be Made In America. Troy and Ann had met prior at a CEO mastermind group. During the interview, Ann commented, “Troy and I have been working together since meeting one another. I am a huge supporter of Troy and his team and the trainings, products, and preventions they provide.” Ann looked at Troy’s company and felt their mission was in-line with her own at AAPEX, which is a woman-owned, veteran-run company. 

Troy, a veteran and first responder with both Fire and SWAT, is the owner of a company that employs veterans, current Law Enforcement and Fire/EMS First Responders, ER doctors, nurses, and federal government types. Silverback has trained Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS, large and small corporations, schools, places of worship, and governmental agencies across the USA and abroad. Silverback is also very proud to teach everyday people to make quick, effective decisions in challenging real-life scenarios to save lives.  Troy is very open to the idea of being able to produce his safety products in America. He understands the importance of such a mission.

With AAPEX Manufacturing, Silverback Safety & Training Solutions is working towards being entirely Made In America.



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