A Message From Made in America CEO: “Stop Handouts to China”

In August, Congress introduced a bill to subsidize imported personal protective equipment (PPE) through 2022. Although the bill calls to stop all taxes on PPE imports, our main supplier right now is China.

While it may be a quick fix, allowing cheap Chinese made PPE into our country without taxes will diminish any progress that has been made with domestic suppliers. This will undermine US manufacturers of these products and ruin their efforts.

When we give a pricing advantage to those countries and suppliers that got us into this mess, we actually exacerbate the problem of loss of the country’s sovereignty. Giving more power to Chinese manufacturers will keep the U.S. dependent on our competitors.

There are multiple new U.S. producers of these products that need protection from cheap foreign imports.

Please right now to let your representative know that you also oppose this bill so that we can keep jobs in the USA and out of China.

Dan DiMicco, Former CEO of Nucor Steel, said it best: “This proposal just guts the hard work and spirit of the American workers and business leaders many of whom are working seven days a week to ramp up U.S. production of PPE.”

Use this link to find and email your Senator with this Senator directory.

Let them know you oppose S.4497 Stop PPE Taxes Act of 2020.

CPA recently sent out our press release in response to the Stop PPE Taxes Act that Senator Toomey (R-PA) and Senator Hassan (D-NH) introduced, while being sponsored by Senator Feinstein (D-CA), and now Senator Grassley (R-IA) supports it.

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