13 Flags for 13 Families – Metal Art of Wisconsin

Metal Art Works of WisconsinMetal Art of Wisconsin started by accident when a father and son decided to begin making patriotic metal art in their garage and putting it on Instagram. At that moment, they had no idea what their idea would grow to become.

With the growth of the company, its values have always remained strong. Giving back was of great importance. They began a second organization in order to accomplish this goal called Flags for Fortitude. This program gives one of Metal Art of Wisconsin’s beautiful handmade flags to heroes of the Military, Law Enforcement, and First Responders or Frontline Medical Workers, Teachers, and Volunteers. 

Recently Metal Art of Wisconsin had the honor to commemorate the fallen heroes and the injured from the recent terrorist attack in Afghanistan.

Shane Henderson, President of Metal Art of Wisconsin said, “This was an extremely emotional project for my team as we were in direct contact with the families. They sent the pictures and quotes directly to us. Some of the stories you don’t get to see on the news about the soldiers and why they served are absolutely heartbreaking. Their sacrifice is immeasurable.”

Shane’s team made 13 mahogany & maple wavy flags for the families of those lost in the terrorist attack. Shane shared, “We were able to contact each of the families and customize each steel plaque with their wishes and prayers.”

They also made 17 personalized wood & steel flags for those injured in the attack. In true heroic fashion, the injured requested the fallen to be commemorated rather than a plaque or picture of themselves.

Metal Art of Wisconsin took on this project with sincere humility and the desire to make each handcrafted piece of art absolutely beautiful and flawless.

In total, they produced 13 wavy flags that are 4-foot mahogany & maple wavy flags with inlaid maple stars. Hand sanded, hand-oiled, and finished by hand. Each has engraved steel plaques with pictures and ranks along with their branch of the military.

17 flags that are 4-foot, hand-oiled, hand burned pine with inlaid 16 gauge steel. Each one has an engraved steel plaque with all 13 of the fallen heroes.

All of them………made with love.

Metal Art of Wisconsin tribute to the fallen and injured in the terrorist attack in AfghanistanMetal Art of Wisconsin tribute to the fallen and injured in the terrorist attack in Afghanistan


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